SBKJ Group

HVAC Ductwork Manufacturing Solution

SBJK has all the ductwork machinery required to turn galvanized sheet, steel plate or aluminum plate into round or rectangular ventilation ducts. These ventilation ducts have found wide application in various industries such as HVAC, construction, coal mining, etc.

If you are new to duct work production or the HVAC industry, we can help you find the equipment you need to get started. We have worked in the ductwork machinery industry since 1995 and can provide recommendations for your situation based on our experience. Meanwhile, we can provide all the ductwork machines you need for round duct or rectangular duct production.

Please refer to our inventory if you need to replace some machines in your ductwork production line. Not only do we have complete sets of machinery, but our machines are more reliable, durable, and more efficient than the competition.

    1. Round Ductwork Machinery

      We supply ductwork machines needed for the manufacturing of quality round ductwork components. The machines can process sheet materials ranging from 0.4mm to, to produce spiral ducts with diameters ranging from 80mm to 2500mm. Our spiral tubeformers, plasma cutters, power slip roll, welders, and gorelockers all operate automatically, ensuring the ducts can be fitted together perfectly.

      Automated production not only produces quality consistency in products, but it also lowers labor costs through increased efficiency and results in lower waste production, lowering operating costs.

      Round Ductwork Machinery
    1. Rectangular Ductwork Machinery

      Our outstanding rectangular ductwork machines operate with speed and precision that you simply cannot get elsewhere. The equipment can process different materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized sheet. Different rectangular duct production processes can be carried out by a singular rectangular ductline, optimizing your efficiency and saving you money. We also provide flange forming machines for the production of both TDF flanges and TDC flanges.

      Other machines are also available to maximize the effectiveness of your duct production, including duct beaders, rectangular seam closers, and corner inserting machines.

      Rectangular Ductwork Machinery