Flange Forming Machinery

Both round duct and rectangular duct need flanges to hold duct gores together. SBKJ supplies the machinery needed to manufacture quality flanges.

We can supply both conventional and automated round duct flange machines.

As for making rectangular ducts, the machine for making transverse duct flanges with or without duct attached are equally well received by our customers. Our duplex TDF rollformer and form TDF and both ends simultaneously.

    1. Automatic Angle Flange Forming MachineThe machine will automatically form steel sheet metal into an angle flange and cut it according to the exact dimensions.
    1. Flange Drilling MachineThe flange drilling machine creates holes for screws to hold each duct component together. The maximum workable material thickness is 5mm...
    1. Transverse Duct Connector Flange Forming MachineThe transverse duct connector flange forming machine is used to make transverse duct connections. It consists of a material feeding station, TDC clip roll, and cutting compartment.
    1. Angle Flange Drilling MachineThe angle flange rollformer cuts and forms angle steel flanges. Achieving fully automatic process from material feeding or drilling and cutting.
    1. Transverse Duct Flange Forming MachineThe transverse duct flange forming machine presses galvanized sheet metal to form ducts and flanges in one piece, thus the final product is a transverse duct flange.
    1. Duct BrakeThis machine is mainly used for making transverse duct flanges, it performs secondary bending flanges, enables a third bend on the sheet metal...