Rectangular Ductline

Conventional rectangular ductlines require multiple machines and need to be handled simultaneously. Not only does this lower productivity, but it also increases labor costs and occupies more floor space. As a solution, we integrated multiple functions into a single machine and added it to a production line. This production line is more compact, requires less in labor costs, and is an economic solution to the manufacturing of ventilation pipes for HVAC industries.

Galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum steels are used to form a rectangular tube after multiple processes, including beading, bending, zipping, corner inserting and corner cutting. A flange must be added to complete the production. Our rectangular ductline produces rectangular ducts with TDF or TDC. The workable range for material thickness is 0.4 to 12.2mm, and the minimum final product dimensions are 200 x 200mm. Rectangular ducts are commonly used in factory ventilation, kitchen smoke vents, hospitals, underground parking lots, firefighting vents, ventilation systems and polluted air treatment.