1. Purchasing
    2. Purchasing:

      SBJK has been involved in ductwork machinery for many years and we are well versed in the aspects of the industry. Feel free to contact us for consultation regarding any purchasing related questions. We provide reliable products as well as recommendations to simplify the purchasing process.

    1. Quality
    2. Quality:

      Our engineers, programmers, electricians, and mechanics are here to provide any service help may need. We will help you to manufacture high quality ductwork. Our specialists are highly experienced and knowledgeable, having worked in the HVAC industry for many years.

    1. Support
    2. Support:

      We will provide professional service and support, including installation, training, diagnostic, and maintenance solutions.

      We can provide tech support via phone call or free video tutorials, we will respond to your request if you need in house installation, or technical training.